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War on Christmas?

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

My conflict with Trump and the Trumpsters

How does one go to war with Christmas? It is an event taking place at multiple places in space/time, celebrated by maybe a billion or more people throughout the earth.

A man would need to have an army able to be at multiple places at the same time and then one would not go to war with the event but with the people celebrating.

The actual celebration of Christmas could still be enacted by anyone after the decimation of those people.

"How dare you question Donald Trump?"

He's a human being right? Fallible not All-Knowing, imperfect, mortal.

That's my conflict with blind president supporters. They attribute God-like aspects of infallibility, all-knowingness and perfection, to a man who is going to pass away like everything else.

He might have good economic policies in place but the attribution of all knowing, perfect, supremely wise leader, to a man, is repulsive because it leads to tyranny. This is the same thing they do in North Korea. And it's repulsive there, as it is here, to a healthy democracy.

You want some old tyranny to take place where some great wise leader is going to lead us into the dawn!?

So, he may have had good economic policies in place but his think tanks or whoever comes up with his slogans "War on Christmas" were either attempting to fool the populace with false alarms about some false war on Christmas or are just not reasonable people.

And the people who go around saying things like "How dare you question him?" They're attempting to make it seem like he's infallible, all knowing, and perfect.

This is idol worship.

It leads to tyranny and it's the same thing they do in supposed enemy lands like North Korea.

That was our issue with Donald Trump and the Trumpsters.

Even if Donald Trump had made everyone in America a trillionaire, I still wouldn't worship him.

Gas prices weren't the problem with President Donald Trump. It was this idol worship of his followers and his people that were repulsive to me and my human dignity. It's an affront to a healthy democracy to think of a man as infallible, all-knowing, and unquestionable.

He is questionable by the people. Each and every day he takes office he is questionable by US.

"O infallible, supreme, wise leader who also happens to be the same color as I, you are unquestionable!"

That's my problem with these people. We don't worship Trump, Obama, Biden or any president.

The trains ran on time when Mussolini was in power.

It doesn't make you a good president because your gas prices are low.

He was causing fights in the streets, division between the masses.

Do they remember the circus of foolery, that was going on? And the racists being put into power. No, they only remember the gas prices.

This idol worship of a president. This attribution of infallibility and unquestionableness is a corruption that leads to tyranny.

This idol worship is also a corruption in Christianity.

The idea that God became a man and man became a God.

These politics and politicians are a reflection of that corruption of Jesus Christ's (P.B.U.H) teachings.

Because Jesus Christ (P.B.U.H) never stated that he was a God or thee One God. Jesus Christ (P.B.U.H.) came to a Monotheistic society and he told them that he wasn't there to change the law that Moses (P.B.U.H.) brought. And what was the law he brought?

"O Israel! You shall have no other God but the One God."

Any idea which is a corrupt delusional idea, will manifest imperfections, tyranny, blindness, in the actual physical realm.

Because it is a corruption in Christian thought it manifests into our realm in tyrannous manifestations by man tyrants.

"I am God! I am infallible. Perfect, I know All Things."

I will take a humble president over a tyrant president who makes the trains run on time. The people can work with a humble president. The people can not work with a tyrant.

Now, not all of President Trump's followers are like this. Many of them are very smart, reasonable people. They didn't exhibit this idol worship mentality over a president. But many of them also wanted to force an idol worship of president's on others. Even, if they didn't believe in the idol worship themselves.

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