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i'm thinking of ending things..........Relax it's not a suicide note it's a movie review.

Dear makers of “I’m thinking of ending things.”  I am also, now, thinking of ending things…..with YOU.

I have never been depressed by a movie 3 times before the 27th minute of the film. 

The awkwardness of the film made me want to shoot myself in the face by the 45th minute mark.

“A serial killer making a cameo at an hour and 4 minutes would make the film less depressing.”

The aforementioned thought was what prompted me to write this hasty review.


(Still not done with the film, gonna see if it gets better somehow.)


Glory of God!  My faith has been renewed in this film at an hour and 7 minutes! 

Apparently, we’re beginning to understand something about the Supernatural and Awkward state of the house.

And just when the movie starts to gain momentum and we are  actually interested in what’s happening, they pull you back into that claustrophobic car, just so we can hear her pretentious sounding review of a play or a movie (I’m not sure which) and I’m back to wanting to blow my face off again.


And finally we get to the Netflix Trailer part of the film, which was the reason that we decided to put it on in the first place.  I am interested again, because it seems like the guy character (don’t remember his name at this point) may be apart of some sort of crazy serial killing family Cult, like those Rob Zombie films, which I really enjoy.


Why!!!!! Why would it get that awkward at 1:44?  They kiss!?!?!


It’ so awkward.


At the end, my only thoughts were…..why would he wanna wrap himself in women’s hair?  So, he writes a play about all of his experiences, dating…….and the one incident (date) he had, and he ends up writing a line in a play about wrapping himself in women’s hair?  And, this is the play they remember him for?


This movie is so sad.  It is so depressing. 

Was he the janitor man or was he the Pulitzer Prize winning play writer?

Is she imagining both possibilities of what could happen to him if he stays with him or leaves him?


So she’s projecting herself into different possibilities or alternate futures about whether she stays with him or not!? 


This little fool thinks she matters that much to him, that his whole life would change based off of her denial or acceptance of him.  As if a man’s destiny lies in a woman's hand.


How pretentious!?  Can you be more full of yourself than that?


So, let me get this straight…..she thinks his success story is dependent on whether she stays with him or not?


Did a little girl write this book?


Everybody moves on with their lives.  No one matters that much to anyone.  We eventually get over everyone and we die.


Why does she think that men can’t take care of themselves.  It seems like women want little boys to take care of, not men.


Men can take care of their Got damn selves.  We’ve been doing it for a while now.


Why would a woman write this book.  It is so offensive to men in general.


She assumes that this man she dated wouldn’t be able to take care of himself enough to be a success, with or without her.


This character is probably one of the most pretentious, arrogant and conceited characters in the history of fictitious women.


She thinks she’s so much smarter than him.  She’s literally condescending to him from the beginning.  We hear her say some things in her mind like “I feel so bad for him, I’m thinking of ending things.”


Blah blah blah cause she’s so superior to him.  She has such a superiority complex, that it's horrible to look at, which explains my depression throughout the film.


This movie was so dark and depressing.


Also, what the hell is wrong with a man taking a woman and making her his wife?  She rambles on about men viewing women as property.  She doesn’t know that women represent a liability in the financial calculations for men?  Traditionally, men have taken care of women and so men naturally view women as property once married.  Because, traditionally men have had to take care of them just like their property.


Anthropologically speaking, it makes sense, since for 6,000 years, men have traditionally taken care of the women.  The women of course would work too. But, it was mostly housework, gardening and child raising.

Most human civilizations have had this structure.

It’s something natural that happens in human civilizations.  She might as well criticize the tree for bearing fruit.


There are traditions that naturally arise in human civilizations. It seems she doesn’t want to accept the Universe The way it is.  She’s criticizing this natural outgrowth of human civilization. 


She is so immature.  She doesn’t know she’s in a universe that is filled with information in the form of traditions, that are passed on through the generation’s cultures?


One must adapt to the universe the way it is and not the way one wishes that it were out of ignorance and arrogance thinking that we can redesign it in our own view.


It is unwise to attempt to impose your ignorant view on the Universe.  We have to learn from the universe.  We are only observing the laws in effect already here.  I have to act within those laws of the universe.  I cannot impose anything on the Dharma of the universe.  The Ultimate Reality is Eternally and Temporally true and greater than any one of us, individually.  Even if, the ocean is in the drop just as the drop is in the ocean.


The Ancient Laws of the Universe that have always been and will always be in the Mind of God are greater than any one of us.


We expect people to have reached these realizations and so when we see characters that are really immature, enlightenment-wise, it frustrates us.


We have to work on our frustration and understand that not everyone has realized this yet.


The eternal sigh of the Enlightened amongst the Unwise.


I don’t have a superiority complex, but I just realized that some people are not that enlightened.  And so we have to deal with their darkness.  This causes frustration for me.  But it’s teaching me to have patience with the world.  And, I guess patience is a good thing, I need.


Still frustrated tho.


Some people believe all the wrong things, think they know what they think they know, even though they really don’t know…..and my life is so much better without having to deal with those people. 


I don't want to save anyone.


I think that if it is written for you to be “saved” from your darkness you will be.


It’s in God’s hands, the world spins, and I don’t have to have a headache everyday. 


Because it’s not my business.  If you want to burn in hell or suffer the punishments in this universe for your ignorance that is entirely up to YOU!


Trying to change these people’s minds is ridiculous.  Believe me I have tried.  I just don’t care anymore.  There will always be ignorance here, whether I’m on the earth or not.  It doesn’t matter to me.  I’m not perfect and I shouldn’t expect anyone else to be either.


Everything I believe I apply to myself as well.  And I analyze myself constantly.  Which is an important part of spiritual development and maturity.


I AM aware that darknesses exist in me as well.  That darkness exists in all things illusorily and relatively.


The Darknesses distinguish the objects from the light of God.


No one object is the ONE God.


Therefore all the Objects must vary with varying gradients and shades of darknesses as well as lights.


In the end we realize, that light was all there ever was.  All of the darknesses fade away into the night at the end of life.


Retrospectively we realize that the dark things we saw in the universe were not God but an illusion or a shadow of where God was lacking apparently.


That is just a little bit of the wisdom I have gained up to this point.  God has blessed me with this knowledge so this world does not hang on me so heavily with all of it’s darknesses.


To embrace the darknesses as necessary in this shadow play of Good and Apparent Evil.

And then to let the darknesses pass through you in realization of their immateriality.

Acceptance with the Universe as it is… being balanced with the Universe.

For one realizes also that we are the Universe.  Everyone is the microcosm of the universe.

The current culminating apex point in the unfolding of human history.


All of the Human history that came before us, set the stage for us now, here.


“What do you do for a living, they ask?  I take a long shit then I wipe my own ass.”

“Why do you wanna know? Do You want to figure out how much you can take me for?”


Those two lines are from a play I'm writing about a guy who has only dealt with money grubbing whores so he’s a little bit paranoid.


Well, actually I really don’t believe that about women.  I’m only being funny.


I’ve actually had great experiences with women.  I’m just making a stupid dirty old man joke.


I hate and I love everyone at the same time.  It’s a Strange Seeming Contradiction that I’m trying to reconcile within me.


I care and I don’t care for mankind at the same time.


A jumble of seeming contradictions.


I am a mystery even unto myself.


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