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The Moment is not All that Exists.

The Universe is not Tending towards Nothingness.

God is Not Blind.

The purpose of this blog is to provide proof of the Truth of the previous three statements.

The opposite of the previous three statements are the foundations of three popular erroneous philosophies today.

Blind God Argument

Blind God – Blind Man – Blind Statement- Statement is Wrong - God is Actually Seeing –

Proof By Contradiction

The Blind God argument implies that the Man making the argument is Blind, by the commonsense idea that the creature cannot be greater than the Source of the Creature.

A Blind God could never create a Seeing Creature.

This implication further implies that the Blind Man could only make Blind Statements.

This Further implies that the Blind God Argument is a Blind Statement which proves it False.

Which leads us to conclude that we have proven that God is NOT blind.

Which means that God is Seeing.

The Moment Only Exists Argument

If The Past Doesn’t Exist – Then the Moment Doesn’t Exist – Then Nothing Exists –

Leads to a FALSE Statement by which the original statement is proven FALSE.

If the moment is the only thing that exists, then the past does not exist.

If the past does not exist, then the moment does not exist.

Then Nothing Exists.

This is FALSE because we know that something Exists.

The Universe is Tending Towards Nothingness Argument

We are going to examine two sentences used to describe the eventual petering out into nothingness of the universe due to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

By examining these sentences logically, we will prove that Nothingness is an impossibility.

1) “It will eventually become a sea of photons being carried into the void.”

2) “It’s all going to be black holes and they’re going to evaporate.”

The First Sentence

The first sentence requires 3 objects to explain to the reader what is supposed to be nothing.

This means that at the end of time there are still three agents that are doing something.

A sea of photons (A strange being that is both a unity called a sea and a multiplicity of photons - Noun)…..Being Carried (This unknown Something is going to be carrying the previously mentioned strange being - Noun & a Verb)…..into the Void (into another strange place called a void which is also not nothing but is a Noun and a Place).

This sentence is nonsensical and is far from explaining Nothingness……A sea of photons… still a thing……and who the hell is doing the carrying? Also, can you define what is the void? 3 Questions come up here…..ILLOGICAL

The Second Sentence

“It’s all going to be black holes and they’re going to evaporate.”

When black holes evaporate do they precipitate too?

That was a joke….but seriously… they?

They’re using a word that we use for water.

Are black holes made of water?

Obviously not, right? So, what kind of a sentence do we have here when we break it down logically?

Black Holes (Innumerable amount of nouns)…..and they’re going to evaporate (doing something that water does in the middle of the evaporation and precipitation cycle, a Verb)

So the end outcome, in both sentences is that Nouns are still Verbing, at the end of time. The second sentence cuts the Noun off in the middle of a cycle of evaporation and precipitation……conveniently……

Water evaporates…..and then Precipitates back into Rain……and evaporates again… a cycle….

Final Verdict

There is no way to explain complete and utter nothingness because it’s not logical.

And that’s what some scientists want us to believe is going to happen at the end of time.

IF we believe that the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics is Inevitably leading to complete and utter disorder.

Sunshine at the End of the Nothingness Tunnel Conundrum

A little Sunshine in the form of humans and other low entropy creatures are proof that the Universe is not wholly and utterly tending only to complete and utter disorder and nothingness.

Why were low entropy creations of the universe left out of the equations for the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics?

Oh, cause they were dealing with heat?

Yeah, but why then generalize it to the whole universe and exclude the examples in the Universe of Low entropy?

These questions are going to have to be left here as fodder for the mind, they might be answered in the form of another blog.

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