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The Establishment of the Space Time Parameters / Theory of the Balance Between Order and Disorder

Decrease in Energy = Increase in Mass

Decrease in Mass = Increase in Energy


The Energy flow coursing through the system is what tends towards stabilization patterns.

On a thermodynamic level it seems like disorder or dissipation of energy.

On a biological level it seems like stabilization of patterns of organisms.

This thermodynamic process which appears as if it’s tending towards disorder is resulting in temporarily Stabilized orders of complexity.

Coniunctio Oppositorum between Order and Disorder.

A balance between decrease in the order of energy.

And an increase in the complexity of the order of mass.

In trees you see the decrease of the energy in the air (CO2) and it results in an increase in the mass of the tree (weight).

An increase in the order of the tree is balanced by a decrease in the energy of the air.

Decrease in Energy - Increase in Mass

The transformation of Energy into Mass requires the apparent decrease of Energy obviously because it’s being transformed, into mass.

So, there never is an increase or decrease of mass or energy it just gets continuously transformed back and forth in a cycle.

When you study thermodynamics you only notice the decrease of energy.

Mass is Frozen energy or apparently Dead Energy. Compared to the speed of light energy.

Destruction and Creation are in a Unified Cycle.

Life resides within this Unified Cycle.

When we “destroy” mass by burning it, what is happening is a transformation of mass back into energy.

This Energy becomes mass again in cycles of transformation.

Through processes like the tree's inhalation of CO2 which transforms this energy into the mass of the tree.

Cambrian explosion, the most complex creatures, are prototypes for all the subsequent biological transformations and variations

Energy to Mass

Singularity point.....Sun…..The Earth…..Cambrian Explosion ……The Complexity of Mass reaches a peak in the Cambrian Explosion……the Seeds of Life…..Everything after this has been subsequent minor transformations on an earthly plane…..All biological creatures that arise out of these earthly transformations owe their biological Blueprints to prototypes that already existed during the Cambrian Explosion.

The Seed prototype creatures of the Cambrian Explosion were frozen and Stabilized in the Oceans.

The Flow of Energy (Singularity Point) to the most complex stabilization of patterns (Cambrian Freeze)…..this was not an Extinction…..but a stabilization event for future transformations and variations of creatures….arising out of this frozen stabilization of patterns.

All the phylum of existent creatures were already established in the Cambrian explosion.

The most Unified complex form of energy (Singularity Point) to the most complex form of the stabilization of Mass (Freezing of the Cambrian Period)……

Apparent Decrease in the Energy of the Singularity point is actually a transformation of Energy into Mass.

So we are not tending towards increasing complexity biologically.

We already reached the peak level of complexity established by the prototype creatures in the Cambrian Explosion.

All creatures after the Cambrian Explosion have been transformations and Variations of those Cambrian prototypes.

The mouth, the sexual organs, the lungs, the eyes of the human being. Those biological blueprints in humans were already established in the most complex creatures.

One of the most complex symmetrical creatures is the starfish, radial symmetry.

This symmetry was established in the Cambrian Explosion.

We have dual symmetry.

Out of those Cambrian creatures. The seed life of all Earthly biological possibilities.

The most extremes of Energy and Mass have already happened.

What we’re experiencing is actually happening after a point of extreme stabilization and complexity of mass.

We reside in a balanced sliver of space time…..A Billion years away from the most complex form of mass and 14 billion years away from the most complex form of energy.

For the past billion years, Life has been sustained between these parameters in an accord of the cycle of energy to mass and mass to energy.

Constantly and continuously.

In the form of 5 apparent cycles of transformation (apparent extinctions). We are experiencing variations of forms from seed information.

We do not reside in the extreme of the complexity of energy or the complexity of mass.

We reside after these extremes of complexity in a coniunctio oppositorum between energy and mass…..mass and energy…..

We see this as a symbol in the tree.

The tree is a symbol of the conjunction oppositorum transformational sustained phase we reside in.

Mass to Energy…..Energy to Mass……

Flow and Stabilization

Energy and Mass

Are in a relationship

Energy is not in the most complex form currently & neither is Mass

We are experiencing an accord between cycles of energy and mass……This is why there is balance…..and the balance of the Universe is at 0.

The most beautiful Unity of Energy to the Most Beautiful Multiplicity of Mass…...Frozen in the Cambrian Explosion…..As Prototype seed for the phase of the cycles of accord between mass and energy……In the forms of the Various Subsequent Transformations. Dinosaurs, Humans, Etc.

Mass is not becoming more complex and Energy is not becoming more complex.

The Universe is not tending towards an extreme complexity of energy…..or an extreme complexity of mass.

Evolution of Mass reached it’s peak in the Cambrian Explosion.

The peak of Evolution was frozen in the Cambrian Explosion.

Evolution of Energy was at it’s peak in the Singularity.

We are in a balanced accord between energy and mass.

The Universe is not Winding down or Winding up.

The Universe was the most wound up in the Singularity.

The Universe was the most wound down in the Cambrian Explosion.

This is why Physicists and Biologists can’t agree. Most Physicists think it’s winding down to a freezing point due to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics……Complete dissipation of energy.

However, if we remember that when Energy dissipates it becomes mass, then we realize that the most complex forms of mass have already existed.

This already happened in the freezing of the Cambrian Oceans.

Most Biologists think that the Universe is winding up in the form of the information of the complexity of creatures. But the most complex form of energy or information already existed in the Singularity point.

For the most complex symbol of energy and information is contained in the Singularity. The seed of all energy, mass, information.

Both these scenarios have already happened.

Extreme Energy point to Extreme Mass points have already been reached.

The extreme parameters of Unity and Multiplicity had to be established first.

The parameters of life, between extreme unity and extreme multiplicity.

Between extreme unification of energy and extreme multiplication of mass.

Establishing the margins of the page.

To write all the variations of life between.

God Speaks to Moses (A.S.) in the form of a Tree on Fire

Moses speaks to a tree that was burning but was not being consumed.

God chose to speak to Moses in the phase between Mass and Energy.

It represents the balance that God established for life to reside between.

God chooses this as a symbolic representation.

What could be a better representation?

This is the pure holy creator of being, responsible for the cycle of balance of life that we reside between. Mass and Energy. Energy and Mass. Coniunctio Oppositorum.

The hottest Unification to the coldest Multiplication.

Singularity to Cambrian Freeze

Are the

Parameters of Space Time


Einstein stated that the Equivalency Principle between Energy and Mass is a consequence of the symmetries of space time.

In other words.....Life is a consequence of the symmetries or parameters of space time. These symmetries and parameters were established in the 13 billion year phase from Extreme Unity of Energy (Singularity Point) to Extreme Multiplicity of Mass (Cambrian Freeze).

Unicellular Creatures to Multicellular creatures

Symbolizes life being in accord with the parameters

Which are established by the phase of an Extreme Unity and an Extreme Multiplicity

Space Time Parameters are established first.

Then Life Parameters are established as a consequence of space time.

And the symbol of the balanced cycle we reside in. After the Unity of Energy to the Multiplicity of the tree on fire.....not being light.

The Light of this tree is a symbol for life. The phase that we reside in.

The balanced cycle of life between energy and mass, mass and energy.

Mass becomes Energy and gives off light, in the tree.

Energy becomes Mass and gives weight to the tree.

The tree is used to create paper.

The paper is written on and gives us light in the form of knowledge.

God writes between the parameters of the page

Space Time and Life

Within Space Time - The Life of all creatures

Within Life – the history of the creatures and every human life

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