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God = The Unknown Variable X Deduced from the Y(Why?) of Time

Statement of Purpose, Summary and Outline

As you can already tell from the title, the following blog will attempt to cover the logical deductions of the minds of humans using the abstract science of mathematics, in order to reach an understanding of what I call, the unknown variables X & Y, of God and Time respectively.

We will take a course through the minds of humans to discover deep truths about Time, Meaning, Space, Measurement, Black Holes, String Theory, The Logic behind all the belief systems of human beings, Euclid's Axioms on which rest all of Mathematics and it's correlation with Ibn Arabi's philosophy, eventually reaching insights into what Space & Time actually are. We will also cover some of the philosophies that result from assigning (or not assigning) a value to X and Y, as well as reach deep realizations as to what man is actually doing when he measures, and why Space & Time are cloaked with physical properties in the science of Physics.

My purpose is not to convince you or brainwash you into my own personal philosophy or belief system.

My purpose is only to shed light on why the minds of humans deduce the ideas of Time & God from reality and also to share some of the insights reached from thinking about these ideas.

I would also like to expound on the process behind the logical deductions of all human beings non-withstanding their own personal belief system.

Along this journey we will encounter Neo Platonist ideas as well as ideas from Ibn Arabi's philosophy. I will assume that readers are conversant in an elementary degree on black holes, the passage of time, basic mathematics, & Neo-Platonist philosophy. If there is a subject matter that I touch upon, that might not be known to the general reader, I will include a definition or introductory summary of that idea.

If after the reader has read the blog, the reader requires clarification, the reader may reach out to me in a respectful way, and with a humble attitude, not to debate or prove who is right, but with a genuine interest to understand.

Many times that I release a blog, I receive challenges without much humility and no discernible genuine interest to reach an understanding of the ideas. This statement is to deter those who choose to mock arrogantly or ridicule the ideas from commenting. I did not write this blog so you can attack the ideas or prove to yourself that you are right and that you are better than me because of this. I am a genuine lover of knowledge and would never expose myself in this way if I did not think that these ideas held merit for a general philosophical discussion.

As a disclaimer: In the vast realm of the subject of philosophy, metaphysics is indeed a branch of the study of philosophy.

As a final disclaimer: Your philosophy may not agree with mine, but this does not prove that your philosophy is better or more right than mine.



First and foremost I must begin the blog with : In the Name of God, The Beneficent The Merciful.

Secondly I must explain, that this does not mean that I am an Imam, Teacher, Preacher, Professor, Religious Authority, Prophet, Saint, or even a perfect Muslim.

I state this as an acknowledgment of my flawed human ability to convey perfect absolute truth. It is a way that we Muslims protect our works from error and a way of giving thanks and praise to God. No doubt, that being a flawed human being, there will most likely be many errors. It would be nice if people could point them out in a nice fashion, with the intention of not exposing or ridiculing the writer. We are all ignorant of many subjects and advanced concepts. No human being knows everything that there is to know.

With all of that being said, let us begin.

I wrote about 25 pages of ideas and thoughts in my notebook after watching two videos which acted as catalysts for these ideas.

One of these videos will be presented in this blog as a video which will serve as a further opportunity for the reader to glean some knowledge.

The first video I viewed (in chronological succession) is a 72 minute video on Ibn Arabi by a channel on YouTube called "Let's Talk Religion" the name of which is "Ibn Arabi & The Unity of Being". The video is the best summary (I have seen so far) of probably the most important ideas of Ibn Arabi's philosophy.

The second video is a World Science Festival video called "Time is of the Essence.....or is it?" It features two scientists and writers of which I have read works from before. Namely Carlo Rovelli and Lee Smolin.

It is after the viewing of these two videos that I was inspired to write my current understanding of some of the ideas discussed, as well as some of my own ideas that grew from the thought process engendered by the videos as well as all of the previous knowledge I have gleaned, mostly through books, some through teachers, some through experience, and some through logical deduction and thought.

I have also read some of Ibn Arabis literary corpus, so I am not entirely an amateur in the understanding of the ideas covered by these writers.

With that being said, I must admit that the video on time is the video that prompted me to begin to write these ideas down.

I have also presently been reading a book by J.W. Dunne called "An Experiment With Time".

Herein follows the next 25 pages or thereabouts containing those ideas.

On Time Being an Abstract Metaphysical Concept (Tool) of Consciousness

Time is a tool. An abstract structure that consciousness uses in order to piece together successive moments of what we deem reality (NOW). Reality is always the present conscious moment and can also be referred to as NOW. Without this abstract tool known as Time, we would not be able to understand language, events, successive moments etc. Basically anything that requires time in order for it to be understood.

If we accept the premise that Time is an abstract tool that consciousness creates in order to understand successive moments of reality (NOW). We will be able to better understand more deeply why in the science of Physics, Time has been made interchangeable with the concept of Space.

Time to the mind is an understanding of the 3 dimensions of space expanding, moving, morphing, changing, or being recreated between two 3 dimensional realities (NOWs).

Time is a creation of the mind/consciousness in order to make sense of the successive movements, recreations, expansions or morphings of it's perceivable 3 dimensional space.

Consciousness creates the abstract concept of time to make sense of the change between 2 or more 3 dimensional realities (NOWs).

We are ever in the moment of (NOW) and would not be able to understand change and process between successive moments without this abstract tool (or concept), which consciousness uses to make sense of successive events.

Thanks to the work of scientists, philosophers, and mathematicians, too many to mention, we can view time as the extended 4th dimension of space now as well. However the concept of Metaphysical Time becomes a Physical representation imposed upon it by a science that demands physically observable attributes as one of it's parameters for definition.

The science of Physics views the 3 dimensions of space unfolding, extending, expanding, morphing, or being recreated by way of a 4th dimensional space. This 4th dimension, it defines as the humanly unseen Time dimension of space.

What our consciousness does is, it abstracts the value for the unknown variable Y a.k.a. Time from the changes between the known physical variables of two successive 3 dimensional realities (NOWs).

Consciousness does this in order to understand the changes and processes happening within the successive moments between realities (NOWs) of the 3 perceivable dimensions.

Since we can manipulate the 3 dimensions we reside in through interactions within successive moments, the 3 dimensions are not as mystically clouded or ever elusive as Time.

In very limited ways we manipulate our 3 dimensional realities through movement or motion from one successive 3 dimensional space to another.

However, we can not and do not manipulate the full totality or any aspect of most totalities of every motion. We are limited to the movement of our own physical organism, or another organism through the exertion of force upon it, but only up to a certain respect regarding the resistance of the other physical organism.