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God = The Unknown Variable X Deduced from the Y(Why?) of Time

Statement of Purpose, Summary and Outline

As you can already tell from the title, the following blog will attempt to cover the logical deductions of the minds of humans using the abstract science of mathematics, in order to reach an understanding of what I call, the unknown variables X & Y, of God and Time respectively.

We will take a course through the minds of humans to discover deep truths about Time, Meaning, Space, Measurement, Black Holes, String Theory, The Logic behind all the belief systems of human beings, Euclid's Axioms on which rest all of Mathematics and it's correlation with Ibn Arabi's philosophy, eventually reaching insights into what Space & Time actually are. We will also cover some of the philosophies that result from assigning (or not assigning) a value to X and Y, as well as reach deep realizations as to what man is actually doing when he measures, and why Space & Time are cloaked with physical properties in the science of Physics.

My purpose is not to convince you or brainwash you into my own personal philosophy or belief system.

My purpose is only to shed light on why the minds of humans deduce the ideas of Time & God from reality and also to share some of the insights reached from thinking about these ideas.

I would also like to expound on the process behind the logical deductions of all human beings non-withstanding their own personal belief system.

Along this journey we will encounter Neo Platonist ideas as well as ideas from Ibn Arabi's philosophy. I will assume that readers are conversant in an elementary degree on black holes, the passage of time, basic mathematics, & Neo-Platonist philosophy. If there is a subject matter that I touch upon, that might not be known to the general reader, I will include a definition or introductory summary of that idea.

If after the reader has read the blog, the reader requires clarification, the reader may reach out to me in a respectful way, and with a humble attitude, not to debate or prove who is right, but with a genuine interest to understand.

Many times that I release a blog, I receive challenges without much humility and no discernible genuine interest to reach an understanding of the ideas. This statement is to deter those who choose to mock arrogantly or ridicule the ideas from commenting. I did not write this blog so you can attack the ideas or prove to yourself that you are right and that you are better than me because of this. I am a genuine lover of knowledge and would never expose myself in this way if I did not think that these ideas held merit for a general philosophical discussion.

As a disclaimer: In the vast realm of the subject of philosophy, metaphysics is indeed a branch of the study of philosophy.

As a final disclaimer: Your philosophy may not agree with mine, but this does not prove that your philosophy is better or more right than mine.



First and foremost I must begin the blog with : In the Name of God, The Beneficent The Merciful.

Secondly I must explain, that this does not mean that I am an Imam, Teacher, Preacher, Professor, Religious Authority, Prophet, Saint, or even a perfect Muslim.

I state this as an acknowledgment of my flawed human ability to convey perfect absolute truth. It is a way that we Muslims protect our works from error and a way of giving thanks and praise to God. No doubt, that being a flawed human being, there will most likely be many errors. It would be nice if people could point them out in a nice fashion, with the intention of not exposing or ridiculing the writer. We are all ignorant of many subjects and advanced concepts. No human being knows everything that there is to know.

With all of that being said, let us begin.

I wrote about 25 pages of ideas and thoughts in my notebook after watching two videos which acted as catalysts for these ideas.

One of these videos will be presented in this blog as a video which will serve as a further opportunity for the reader to glean some knowledge.

The first video I viewed (in chronological succession) is a 72 minute video on Ibn Arabi by a channel on YouTube called "Let's Talk Religion" the name of which is "Ibn Arabi & The Unity of Being". The video is the best summary (I have seen so far) of probably the most important ideas of Ibn Arabi's philosophy.

The second video is a World Science Festival video called "Time is of the Essence.....or is it?" It features two scientists and writers of which I have read works from before. Namely Carlo Rovelli and Lee Smolin.

It is after the viewing of these two videos that I was inspired to write my current understanding of some of the ideas discussed, as well as some of my own ideas that grew from the thought process engendered by the videos as well as all of the previous knowledge I have gleaned, mostly through books, some through teachers, some through experience, and some through logical deduction and thought.

I have also read some of Ibn Arabis literary corpus, so I am not entirely an amateur in the understanding of the ideas covered by these writers.

With that being said, I must admit that the video on time is the video that prompted me to begin to write these ideas down.

I have also presently been reading a book by J.W. Dunne called "An Experiment With Time".

Herein follows the next 25 pages or thereabouts containing those ideas.

On Time Being an Abstract Metaphysical Concept (Tool) of Consciousness

Time is a tool. An abstract structure that consciousness uses in order to piece together successive moments of what we deem reality (NOW). Reality is always the present conscious moment and can also be referred to as NOW. Without this abstract tool known as Time, we would not be able to understand language, events, successive moments etc. Basically anything that requires time in order for it to be understood.

If we accept the premise that Time is an abstract tool that consciousness creates in order to understand successive moments of reality (NOW). We will be able to better understand more deeply why in the science of Physics, Time has been made interchangeable with the concept of Space.

Time to the mind is an understanding of the 3 dimensions of space expanding, moving, morphing, changing, or being recreated between two 3 dimensional realities (NOWs).

Time is a creation of the mind/consciousness in order to make sense of the successive movements, recreations, expansions or morphings of it's perceivable 3 dimensional space.

Consciousness creates the abstract concept of time to make sense of the change between 2 or more 3 dimensional realities (NOWs).

We are ever in the moment of (NOW) and would not be able to understand change and process between successive moments without this abstract tool (or concept), which consciousness uses to make sense of successive events.

Thanks to the work of scientists, philosophers, and mathematicians, too many to mention, we can view time as the extended 4th dimension of space now as well. However the concept of Metaphysical Time becomes a Physical representation imposed upon it by a science that demands physically observable attributes as one of it's parameters for definition.

The science of Physics views the 3 dimensions of space unfolding, extending, expanding, morphing, or being recreated by way of a 4th dimensional space. This 4th dimension, it defines as the humanly unseen Time dimension of space.

What our consciousness does is, it abstracts the value for the unknown variable Y a.k.a. Time from the changes between the known physical variables of two successive 3 dimensional realities (NOWs).

Consciousness does this in order to understand the changes and processes happening within the successive moments between realities (NOWs) of the 3 perceivable dimensions.

Since we can manipulate the 3 dimensions we reside in through interactions within successive moments, the 3 dimensions are not as mystically clouded or ever elusive as Time.

In very limited ways we manipulate our 3 dimensional realities through movement or motion from one successive 3 dimensional space to another.

However, we can not and do not manipulate the full totality or any aspect of most totalities of every motion. We are limited to the movement of our own physical organism, or another organism through the exertion of force upon it, but only up to a certain respect regarding the resistance of the other physical organism.

Most motions like the motions of the sun, earth, and moon, are completely out of our control. Not to mention the free will (a.k.a. conscious motions) of other organisms.

On the Mystical Aspects Human Beings Assign to Time & Other Unknowns Such as God

The abstract concept of Time takes on a mystical aspect precisely because we cannot stop the sun from revolving in it's orbit. Just as the Free Will of other organisms also takes on a mystical aspect. It is always the processes within my conscious observation, of which I have no power over, that take on mystical aspects. They are processes which stem from that which is unknown, or unseen to us.

This leads us to the necessary logical introduction of a wise creator, force, mystical process of evolution, or other idea that assigns responsibility over these processes and movements that are outside of our control.

What is important here to note, is that the human must logically introduce a concept or idea which accounts for these processes or movements outside of their control.

The Theory of Evolution assigns that responsibility to the actual processes themselves occurring within space-time. It views the greater unfolding of time as a process which sets the parameters for the evolution of creatures or matter within it.

Most evolutionary theories stipulate that these processes have a mind, plan or goal of their own. I am using the metaphors of mind, plans and goals here to explain evolutionary theories that have an ultimate purpose. There are (of course) evolutionary theories that do not include an ultimate purpose or meaning to the process.

On Pierre Teilhard De Chardin's Omega Point (Purpose of Evolution)

We are going to examine (in a very summarized form) only one evolutionary theory which has, as it's main idea (or drive) an ultimate plan or goal.

The evolutionary theory which to me deserves mention in this blog (for the concepts synchronize well with the subject matter being discussed) was created by

Pierre Teilhard De Chardin.

The main idea of his, is that Consciousness is actually driving physical organisms towards an ultimate Omega Point of consciousness, as the ultimate goal of consciousness which is the eventual complete mastery of Consciousness over the Physical aspect of reality.

This Omega point is reached by the creation unfolding in successive elevations of consciousness (through the process of evolution) until a maximum "Godlike" state is reached. We use the term "Godlike" for it is a state currently unknown to us.

The important point to remember here for the ideas being discussed, is that the above philosophy, as well as other philosophies of God, Evolution, Unseen Force/s are introduced logically by the mind of humans in order to assign responsibility to an idea or concept that is capable of being responsible for those unknown variables (Planetary motions, Time, Free-Will) which the individual human finds itself unable to independently account for.

God, Evolution, Omega Point, are all ideas that humankind's consciousness introduces in order for us to account for the unknown variable defined here as X. Just as Time is also introduced as an abstract concept by our consciousness that accounts for the unknown variable Y (change, motion, morphing, recreation from destruction, or extension of space by way of the (Physics definition) 4th dimension of space from the seemingly perceivable and seemingly known 3 dimensions of space).

The importance of defining these variables with a value depends on whether the human being wishes to assign meaning and purpose to existence.

On the Choice of the Human Being Assigning Value to the Unknown Variables X (God, Evolution,) and Y (Time)

There existed a wise philosopher who once said that the human being is really only faced with 1 existential question. That existential question is; "Is everything meaningful or is everything meaningless?

Every philosophy or religion is in between varying gradients and shades of either meaningfulness or meaninglessness.

(As an experiment done on one's own time, the reader may subject any philosophy or religion to this statement and see if it applies.)

If one adopts a perspective of meaningfulness this eventually leads the human being to the idea of a God (Monotheism), Gods (Polytheism), Evolution, A goal, A plan, or at the very least a first cause to existence.

Most human beings find that a purposeless existence is naturally contradictory or abhorrent towards their own value as a human being. For if existence is meaningless then it follows that the human being is also meaningless since the human being is a natural consequence of meaninglessness. I.E. Existence is meaningless. I exist. Therefore, I am meaningless.

The other logical statement that follows from taking the perspective of meaningfulness is it's parallel mathematical and logical equivalent. I.E. Existence is meaningful. I exist. Therefore I am meaningful.

There are 5 Philosophies (Off the top of my head) that manifest from a creature who assigns meaninglessness to existence (That I can think of very quickly, and there may be more).

Because the creature is forced to create a reason for continuing to exist. And because the creature perceives no meaning to existence it then naturally follows that the creature must take it's own desires as it's ultimate meaning or (God). The creature becomes subservient to it's own desires and takes no heed of any consequences, since existence is meaningless. Existence becomes a playground for the ultimate aim of satiating it's desires. The creature finds it's meaning in satiating it's desires. HEDONISM.

Another consequence of assigning meaninglessness to existence is that the creature, seeing no worth to existence, thus decides to live as (what I metaphorically call) a shadow of a human being. This shadow of a true human being with personal agency and volition is led about unthinkingly by other organisms who have decided to assign their own meaning to this creature's existence. This creature finding no meaning of it's own, eventually becomes a slave to the meaning imposed on it by other creatures. The final consequence of this, is that the human being becomes a slave to whatever gives it meaning. I.E. I have meaning because I have been assigned meaning by another person, society or a collective group. This other individual or collective entity has meaning as a whole, while I, as an individual, do not. As long as I fulfill my assigned meaning given to me from the other, I will continue to have meaning. SLAVERY TO THE CREATION.

Another possible consequence is that the creature assigns meaning to it's purposelessness and submits to it's purposelessness by simply living it's life, growing old, and dying. The creature never seeks to attain to a higher goal (other than the life processes of eating, sleeping, procreating and dying). A higher goal here could be defined by a great work whether literary, musical, artistic, philosophical, scientific, mathematical or otherwise. BESTIAL LIFE.

A 4th possible consequence of the perspective of meaninglessness, is that the creature (finding no meaning) decides to rebel against existence and any ideas which are based on the premise that existence has meaning. The creature will mock, ridicule, argue and debate against meaningful philosophies and perspectives. The creature at first seeks to destroy the philosophical foundations of those who have found meaning. It becomes frustrated and angry that others are able to see meaning, while the creature itself sees none. The creature becomes a destroyer of the meaning of others (philosophically first). Then (if carried to it's ultimate logical extension) it becomes a destroyer of life and existence itself. For existence is an affront to it, due to what it perceives of it as it's glaring meaninglessness. DESTROYER OF MEANING

A 5th philosophy that arises from a creature who has chosen to take on a perspective of meaninglessness is sort of a brother to the Hedonist philosophy mentioned earlier. Seeing no meaning to existence, the creature still has to deal with the fact that it exists, lives and persists. Once again due to this inescapability of reality, the creature assigns ultimate meaning only to itself as a perceiving subjective observer of existence. Only I have meaning. All other existents (creatures and objects) have meaning relative only to my ultimate meaning. I being the ultimate arbiter of meaning assign meaning to all other existents. All other existents are subservient and reliant upon my assignment of meaning, or serve only as outward projections of my consciousness, and in and of themselves, have no meaning. SOLIPSISM

The point to take away here, for the purposes of the discussion, is that if the individual can not find a great meaning or purpose to existence (philosophically) and deems existence meaningless, it is still forced to assign ultimate meaning or purpose to the drive of it's desires, a collective group or individual entity (other than itself), purposelessness, destruction, or it finds it's ultimate meaning in solipsism.

Once again this is because the human being inherently and naturally craves to have meaning.

The Human Being May Fluctuate Between the Two Polarities of Meaningfulness and Meaninglessness Throughout it's Existence

This fluctuation between the polarities of meaningfulness and meaninglessness is a natural reaction to the creature's fluctuating experiences.

As an illustrative example of this fluctuation we will use the example of a human being who has recently lost a loved one who held much meaning for it's life.

The shock of the death of a loved one (who held meaning) may cause the human being to go from the polarity of meaningfulness to the polarity of meaninglessness. This makes sense mathematically and logically, if one views the deceased person as having a positive value of meaning and then due to this object's subtraction (death) from the human being's (for whom the person held much meaning) present existence, that human being then suffers from the loss of meaningfulness in it's perception of existence.

After the grieving process (to deal with the relative loss of meaning) it is natural and healthy for the human being to assign meaning to another object, person, idea or purpose for it's existence.

New present meanings must be continuously created, as the temporal objects (which held meaning) cease to successively BE present in our successive moments of NOW.

On the Human Being's Eventual Assignment of Meaning to a Transcendental, Unchanging, Eternal Idea

After a successive ceasings of beings, objects, places, situations and stages of existence, the human being eventually deduces that all physical things must eventually pass. This reality, eventually leads the human being to assign meaning to that which is beyond temporal existence. It realizes that because existence is in a constant state of flux or change, it must anchor (metaphor) it's meaning to that which is unchanging, eternal, transcendent & wholly (holy) perfect, not subject to the flux and change of existence. The necessary stability of the consciousness of that human being within a constantly changing flux of reality, demands it of the human being.

On Human Consciousness Being Led to Seek the Light

I highly advise for the reader here to take some time to view the following video, in order to understand more fully, the following section.

Following up on the idea that consciousness must anchor itself to a stabilizing point outside of it's existence of constant change and flux, we are led to the philosophies of Ibn Arabi and Plato.

Consciousness is eventually led to the light which projects the objects (as shadows relative to what has true substance and is eternal).

This light which causes the objects (shadows) is a metaphor for God.

Also remember Plato's Cave, the realm of eternal forms (Of the Mind of God) casting the fluctuating shadows of our temporal existence. Also, see the Quran Surah 24 Ayah 35.

God as a Stabilizing Unchanging Point for All Consciousness and the correlation to Euclid's Foundational Axiom of a Point Having 0 Dimensions

Disclaimer: In the following section. I am in no way stating that God is an actual point.

The idea that God is the point from which all consciousness emanates & the point for which all the secondary reflected emanated points of consciousness return to, led to a connection of this metaphysical idea to the foundational mathematical axiom of Euclid.

The axiom that the point has 0 dimensions.

All of Mathematics arises out of a 0 dimensional point.

The reflection or multiplication of this 0 dimensional point and the 2 zero dimensional points connection (represented by a line) becomes the representation of the 1st dimension of physical existence.

If we are to take Mathematics seriously as revealing the nature of our existence, then we have to take the necessary philosophical ideas that arise from this foundational axiom of mathematics as an interesting point.

With this axiom, Mathematics proves that all physically existing things rely on a 0 dimensional starting point. I.E. Physical Existence relies on a Non Physical starting point.

Next, we will compare the Hadith Qudsi saying of the final prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) concerning God being a hidden treasure, with this Mathematical Axiom.

“I was a hidden treasure; I wanted to be known; therefore, I created the creation/ universe/ life”.

If we take Mathematics seriously and take this zero dimensional starting point as the emanation of all existence and contrast it with the philosophical ideas of Ibn Arabi regarding Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.)'s Hadith Qudsi , the following interesting ideas develop.

Metaphorically take God to be the 1st zero dimensional starting point for all consciousness and physicality. The creation is represented by the second 0 dimensional starting point (which is a reflection of the original 0 dimensional starting point.) The second zero dimensional starting point relies on the 1st zero dimensional starting point to form it's blueprint. This idea very elegantly represents, the creation as a reflection of God's Image. God was a hidden treasure, so he created a reflection of his attributes, and the connection between the Creation (2nd zero starting point & God 1st zero starting point) is the first dimension of existence (could be consciousness). If this is so (God knows best) then this is how the consciousness of human beings and creation can share (in a reflected created sense) the 99 attributes of God.

The reflection of the original 0 dimensional starting point can be viewed as the unseen substratum or structure of our existence (which could be consciousness and God knows best). It relies on a reflection and connection (from and to) the original zero dimensional starting point in order for the first dimension (A line) to be manifested.

Out of this, all of the subsequent further physical dimensions are generated.

There would be no mathematics without the first axiom. Just as there would be no existence without God.

And furthermore, God has to be like this 0 dimensional non-physical starting point which reflects itself and connects to the creation by a line representing the first dimension.

Non-Physicality to Physicality is at the very foundation of all Mathematical Logic and finds it's philosophical correlation in the revelations of Islam.

"Time" in a "Black Hole"

It is not that time itself (remember an abstract concept for understanding the changes between 2 or more 3 dimensional slices) goes slower as it nears a black hole and eventually stops completely.

What happens instead is, that the density of matter there (the black hole which should be more properly called a black wall) bends space (reality or in Physics the 4 dimensions of space) resulting in the curvature known as gravity, so much that actual motion becomes impossible. (This 4 dimensional understanding suffices for macroscopic objects but fails in the quantum realm).

Time, being an abstract concept of consciousness is not affected because it is not physical.

What is affected is our ability to measure time. This is because we measure time through motion. Since we cannot even measure any movement including that of what we take to be the speed limit of the universe a.k.a. the speed of light, we are faced with the revelation of the truth of the reality of time. Namely that, Time at it's core, is all along an abstract metaphysical concept (tool) which consciousness creates to understand our physical reality. -----*UPDATE* & Clarification 03/02/2021-----

Current Philosophical speculation


God knows best

I think that consciousness & the abstract notion of time are actually joined in a union. However the process of physical changes occurring in existence is pieced together by consciousness and is physically perceived as the passing of time. The reason consciousness could do this is because it knows time as an abstract attribute of itself (Consciousness). Just as God has many known Attributes as denoted by the 99 Names of God and yet God is still considered to be One. Human consciousness (Being bestowed by God) reflects the attributes of God in a humanly limited aspect even though it is a Unified Consciousness. What I meant by Consciousness creating time, only pertained to the piecing together of physical reality in succession in order to understand reality. I did not mean that consciousness creates the abstract attribute of time, since I think that time is an attribute of consciousness unified within it. Just as time or Ad-Dhar is revealed to be a name or attribute of God, since Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him said, "Allah Almighty said: the son of Adam abuses me. He curses time and I am time, for in my hand are the night and day." Source: Sahih al Bukhari - 4549, Sahih Muslim 2246, Grade: Muttafaqun Alayhi (authentically agreed upon) according to Al-Bukhari and Muslim. Furthermore since the names and attributes of God are physically manifested in the cosmos, and man is an amalgamation of the cosmos (the little universe) it follows that the attribute of time must also be manifested in man. So in Summary; Man is bestowed with life and consciousness, and time is an attribute of consciousness. Therefore man can deduce the passing of the physical manifestation of time since man already knows it as an attribute of himself.


There are more than 99 Names or Attributes of God as was stated by the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) in his supplication "O God, I ask thee by every name by which thou hast named thyself or taught to any one of thy creatures or kept to thyself in the knowledge of thy Unseen." Source: William Chittick - Ibn Aribi's Metaphysics of Imagination. I could not find the traditional Muslim sources for this supplication. However I used the number 99 because it is the number that is most generally and widely accepted as the revealed number of attributes or names.

-----*UPDATE* & Clarification 03/02/2021-----

Current Philosophical speculation


God knows best

Continuation from before the UPDATE

This concept is very much like our human ideas of God which are also abstract metaphysical concepts that we use to make sense of our reality. This is not being stated to relegate or denigrate God to a concept that we create abstractly to cope with reality. I have already stated that without God there would be no Existence & that (like the 0 dimensional starting point) has to be non-physical or beyond physicality. Also, We know that in Neo-Platonism the realm of eternal forms exists as a realm that is more real than our temporal reality. What is important to note here is that the metaphysical concepts of God and Time, both arise necessarily in the human being from an unconscious algebraic formula (operating continuously to make sense of reality). This unconscious algebraic calculation designates God & Time as the unknown unseen variables (X and Y respectively) that must exist given the known variables of existence.

-----*UPDATE* & Clarification 03/02/2021-----

Current Philosophical speculation


God knows best

It was previously stated that God & Time both arise necessarily in the human being from an unconscious algebraic formula. This arising is a recollection of that which we already know. I would also like to state that both ideas of God & Time already exist in our consciousness or soul, and we recollect through the process of witnessing the variables within creation and the passing of physical time (through changes or motions).

The Difference between the Islamic Understanding of Our Physical Reality's Continuation & the Current Physics Understanding of Physical Continuation

The Islamic Understanding

Our physical visible reality is the succession of 3 dimensional slices in constant creation and destruction. God is constantly creating and destroying reality in a way that we cannot humanly perceive. I think that this could be something unperceivable to us like the Planck time (but I could be mistaken). It is a process similar to the successive frames of film in a movie.

Physics Understanding

Space & Time are one 4 dimensional entity and we are also actually 4 dimensional entities within the 4 dimensions of space-time experiencing this reality through 3 dimensional successive moments.

The 4th dimension of time resides between the space of two successive 3 dimensional slices. Time becomes the 4th dimension of space (In physics). Since the space between successive moments unfolds faster than we can perceive, the 4th dimension of space is not humanly perceivable.

On Some Human Definitions of the Unknown Variable Y known as Time

Neo-Platonist Definition

In Neo-Platonist thought, the abstract concept of time would actually be considered more real than actually physically existing objects. Since the unknown variable Y a.k.a Time, is defined abstractly in our minds as the process by which our existence unfolds, or the stage on which existence unfolds. It can be represented by a hidden abstract variable in the unfolding of reality & therefore constitutes something at the very core of the process of unfolding reality. It is Unseen and hidden and deduced by the unfolding of reality. To use a very limited human metaphor. The man which unfolds the carpet is not the carpet. The process that unfolds the reality is not the reality. Because Time exists in our Mind as that which accounts for the change between two successive humanly measurable moments of reality, the concept of Time would be considered more real than the visible measurable physical reality in Neo-Platonist thought. For the concept exists in the realm of eternal forms and ideas.

We already spoke earlier in the blog on the definition of Time being the abstract concept or tool by which we make sense of our unfolding reality. So we will not delve further into that definition.

Time as the 4th dimension of Space (Physics Definition)

The reason that Time being defined as the 4th dimension of space encounters cognitive dissonance in the human being, is because we already have a subconscious definition of time, which is automatically deduced from the known physical variables. In our minds, Time exists as the emergent unknown variable that becomes known, from the known variables of the changes, between 2 three dimensional spaces. Now, the change between 2 physical spaces in physics can also be defined as distance. This is why Physics has reached an understanding that space and time are interchangeable and are actually one. It results from the fact that we are always measuring motion through space by marking distances in space. In other words, since Physics only takes into account observable phenomena, Time must become space for it to be physically understandable.

In more words, it is a logical necessity for time to become space within Physics because we are only ever measuring within 3 dimensions of space. We have to physically extend that which is observable and physical (3 Dimensions) by adding Time as another space dimension in order to comprehend physically, the unknown variable of Y a.k.a Time.

The abstract subconscious algebraic deduction of time from the known physical variables of change between 2 or more 3 dimensional slices of existence, encounters a shock here. This shock is due to the fact that consciousness has an automatic conceptualization of Time as an unseen abstract unknown variable that becomes known by the changes or motions between two physical 3 dimensional realities.

In the next section we will see why Time takes on a physical aspect in the human science of Physics.

In Physics, Space Must Be Assigned the Humanly Perceivable Properties of the Objects Around it (3 Dimensions) For it to Be Measurable

The reason space has 3 dimensions is because the physical objects we measure, have been assigned 3 dimensions. Space is assigned the same properties of the objects around it by the one doing the measuring. It's not that space has these properties, but that the objects around space have these properties (macrocosmically).

As an example, there is a couch and a study chair that are an unknown spatial distance apart. The spatial distance between the couch and the chair can only be known contrasted relatively to the 2 objects. Meaning that (Given no other known Variables) the couch (allow us to give the couch consciousness and the ability to measure) needs to use a physical dimension of itself (height) as a span of measurement to mark the distance between itself and the chair.

The unknown spatial distance becomes a certain measure of couch heights of space.

The spatial distance is attributed the properties of the couch so that the distance is known relative to the couch. This does not tell me anything about the actual properties of the space between the objects. Also, this doesn't tell me anything (As an independent observer) about the size of the two objects relative to me. The couch height could still very well be 50 km high or 2 meters high (relative to my own size when compared with the size of the couch).

Man is the measurer. Man perceives 3 physical dimensions. By extension, Man then attributes 3 dimensions to all physical objects. Space is perceived relatively to physical objects by Man. Ipso Facto, Man attributes 3 dimensions to space. Man realizes that Space is just as unseen and unknown as Time & therefore amalgamates it into a 4 dimensional physical manifold called Space-Time. Reflecting on this amalgamation of his physical reality, Man now defines himself as a 4 dimensional physical (macrocosmic) manifold.

All Man has ever been doing (macroscopically) is attributing his own perceivable properties, to his outward perceivable (macroscopic) reality. Man is always the measurer and that which is measured. What man measures outwardly in the reality, is a reflection of what he measures inwardly (deduction of physical properties through abstract thought) about himself, and vice versa.

By measuring, he reflects his own physical attributes to that which is being measured. In this sense, Space is like a mirror (to man) that reflects back his own properties.

If man could have perceived himself as a 26 dimensional object (macroscopically), he would have attributed 26 dimensions to Space. This is what man did with Super String Theory (Being led to this realization using Mathematics to account for physical phenomena that could not exist within a 4 dimensional framework of reality). Man realized that reality has to consist of more dimensions than 4 (Others Hidden from his Perception). Man is forced to deduce a 10, 11, & 26 dimensional Mathematical framework, for his reality to account for these phenomena. Man's inward conception of reality grows, & therefore what man perceives as outward Space also grows and reflects back this new current limit of his knowledge.

In this sense, Space always acts like a mirror which reflects back, man's current knowledge of his reality.

What man learns about his outward reality is also what he learns about himself (inward reality).

This is so, because man is just as part of reality as everything else. It follows logically that if his reality consists of 26 dimensions or more, he also consists of 26 dimensions or more.

On All Measurement Being Relative to the Measurer and What This Means for the Concept of Size

All measurement is relative to the measurer. All measure requires a relative relationship between 2 objects. The distance between objects is revealed relative to the 2 objects.

Now, if you introduce an observer, on a couch surrounded by empty space, the observer may walk away from the couch (assuming the empty space could hold him up) and measure the distance, but only because the observer is using himself as the second object relative to the couch. Furthermore, the observer would have to measure the distance using the length of his/her feet or hands.

The size of his feet could only be known relatively to another object. Also, the size of the being could only be known relatively to another object.

A man surrounded by empty space all his life would never know his height. He could be the size of a flea, an elephant or a galaxy.

The point is, he would not know his height unless we introduced one of these objects. And then he would only know his height relative to one of these objects.

On Metaphysical Time Being Given a Physical Garb in the Science of Physics

In Physics, this man surrounded by empty space (spoken of in the previous section) who cannot be physically measured, would have to be said to not physically exist. And furthermore, this man is a metaphor for Time, before Physics took him and forced upon him the garb of the 4th dimension of space.

Time could only be physically measured when given the definition of something other than itself. That is, a physical concept (Not Metaphysical) existing already in the science of Physics, that could be measured relatively to other physical concepts (the 3 dimensions). The true reality is that time is not space, but is cloaked with the garb of a physical space dimension. This is done in order for it to be measured relatively to physical dimensions. The calculations end up working out on large scales macroscopically (or at least I have heard and read about from those versed in this science). However, the true definition of time (Metaphysical) is lost and becomes (Physical) in this Science.

We surmise from the aforementioned, that in the science of Physics, Metaphysical aspects such as the concept of Time must take on Physical aspects to be physically understood.

In Physics, Time must take on physical aspects precisely because it is being introduced into a science which allows only measurable physical parameters.

Time is forced to take on physical aspects in order to be understood physically.

Now we know, thanks to Physics that what we believe to be empty space is actually filled with unseen atoms, and molecules and consists of a structure that necessitates 10, 11, or 26 dimensions. It is only because my body is denser than the molecules and atoms between my couch and my study chair that I can force my way through this unseen soup. The unseen soup does not get picked up by the nerves of my body, and thus seems non-existent to me.

This is a good place to end this blog. I could keep on writing but that would take more time, my death would come and I would never release anything.

The next blog might continue on why Human Beings discover Mathematics and do not Create it (An ages old debate).

I hope that whoever reads this increases in an overstanding of their current reality.

Copyright 2020 by Jimmy Eleazar Vargas de Sanchez. All rights reserved.

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