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Al-Hayy Al-Qayyum / The Kaleidoscopic Quality of the Nature of the I / Keys to the Realms

Al Hayy Al Qayyum

The Ever Living One The Sustainer

Temporality and Eternity

Eternity and Temporality

There is an aspect of Eternity and Temporality in both these attributes

Al Hayy, The Ever Living One is Eternally Living as Manifestations of Temporal Creations

Al Qayyum, is The Eternal Sustainer of Temporal Creations

Coniunctio Oppositorum

Eternity and Temporality

The Gardens and Rivers of Paradise

Surah As Saff – The Ranks

Surah 61 Ayah 12

“(IF you do so) He will forgive you your sins and admit you into Gardens under which rivers flow, and pleasant dwelling in Gardens of Adn – Eternity”

Paradise is described as having flowing rivers and stable gardens.

Heraclitus mentions the river as a metaphor for the reality of flow and constant change.

A Garden is planned out, tended, maintained, cultivated, and harvested.

The Garden is a metaphorical representation for stability and permanence.

Al-Qayyum, is the Stabilizer or Sustainer. Garden Metaphor. Stabilization.

Al-Hayy, is the Ever Living One. River Metaphor. Flow.

In order for man to cultivate a Garden a man must increase in the knowledge of stabilization or sustainment, which is a quality of God the Sustainer, Al Qayyum.

In order for man to traverse a river a man must increase in the knowledge of flow.

Without Language Without Cultivation

No Civilization No Stabilization

Languages are the rivers upon which Man’s Civilizations are Stabilized

Al Hayy Al Qayyum

The Ever Living One is represented by flowing rivers and the stabilizer is represented by gardens.

[There is both stabilization and temporal flow in the mind of man as a reflection of God being Al Hayy Al Qayyum. (See the Blog “God = the Unknown Variable X Deduced from the Y of Time” Section “God as a Stabilizing Unchanging Point for all Consciousness and the correlation to Euclid’s Axiom of a point having 0 Dimensions”)]

The River of Memories / The Garden Stabilizer

The planning man, the language creating man, is the garden stabilizer

Stabilizing the temporal flowing reality through language

Attempting to fix the definitions of objects through the momentum of language

Position and Momentum

Particles and Waves

Momentum and Position

Waves and Particles

A River of words flows through the Garden of Objects

Attempting to Fix the Garden of Objects with Permanency

Eventually the River Overtakes the Objects

As the Reality of Man

Becomes a river of memories

A river of words

All the Objects of these Gardens wither away

In Paradise

These Rivers of Memories Nourish the Eternal Gardens

Is it not true that Thoughts become Actions?

Actions are Judged

Good actions result in beautiful gardens?

The foundations of the eternal gardens of paradise

Are laid upon the rivers of a temporal life lived well

In this world the Eternal is Hidden

Temporality is the apparent reality of this world

In this world the Eternal is the Foundation

In Paradise Temporality is Hidden

Eternity is the Apparent reality of Paradise

In Paradise the Temporal is the Foundation

The River of Memories that our lives become

Flow under the Gardens of Paradise

This temporal life is no small thing

Upon it lays Eternal life

If you have a bad day you can always have ice cream

This world is not Hell-fire

If you have a good day you can still get a headache

This world is not Paradise

Waves and Particles

Al Hayy Al Qayyuum

Particles and Waves

Rivers and Gardens

Flow & Stabilization

Stabilization and Flow

Eternity and Temporality

Temporality and Eternity

Position and Momentum

Momentum and Position

Rivers of Waves

Gardens of Particles

Al Hayy Al Qayyum

The Kaleidoscopic Quality of the Nature of the I

From all sides I hear Evil, Weird, Genius,

From my perspective

I am none of those

At the same time

I am all of those

To all worlds I

appear different

An utterable thing

At the same time

I am Inconceivable

Unutterable king

Everything utterable

In men’s eyes

At the same time


Impossible to Surmise

This is the Kaleidoscopic Quality of the Nature of the I

Reality or Illusion?

Definable or Mystery?

I appear to be both

God and Creation

A mystery and a word

The Eternal One


The Changing Flowing God

Are Made 1 in Man

Through our bodies we experience most

flow and change

In our minds we experience most

stabilization and unity

In the forms of Mind Matrices such as Language

We taste a little bit of what eternity is like

Because languages outlive the generations

When the mind of man states “this is a tree”

It experiences a bit of eternity

“Tree” has many names in different tongues

Apparent multiplicity

Point to the “Tree” and everyone knows

What is being shown

The Unity cannot be uttered

We can only signify

The holy and mysterious

Once named

It is shrouded in Multiplicity

Sound is a movement

Through Multiplicity

The Unity of the Tree cannot be uttered

It is Holy and Mysterious

It is like I

A mystery and a word

At the same time

Imaginational Keys to Understanding the Realms

Spirit Realm – Soul Realm – The soul hearing the voice of God say, “Am I not your Lord?” – Surah 7 Ayah 172

Dunya – Coniunctio Oppositorum – Eternity and Temporality – Existence and Non-Existence – Unity and Multiplicity – Good & Evil -

Barzakh Realm – Sleep is the Cousin of Death – Imaginational Realm like Sleep or Dreaming

Resurrection and Judgment Realm – A day like 50,000 Years

Paradise and/or Hellfire Realms – Described by many keys in the Quran and they have 8 and 7 gates respectively

The Sand Dune Realm – The Face of God – Zul Jalali Wal Ikram – Face of Majesty, Honor and Glory

"4 Circular Emblems on a Mystical Temple's Walls"

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