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What Is Society?

Society - A group of people who have agreed to believe in the necessary illusions of a group’s consensus for there to be agreement on the collective meaning of persons, places, and things.

Question: Why are people so surprised that someone wants to tear down a statue of someone that existed 200 years ago?

Answer: They want everyone in society to be under the same spell of meaning that they’re under concerning the object.

When someone else’s universe of meaning is in contradiction with their universe of meaning, they get emotional. Instead of acknowledging that this is the natural reality of existence.

They forgot that they are under an illusion of meaning.

The statue only holds meaning for certain people and it is impossible for that statue to hold the same meaning for everyone.

The only way that statue is going to be designated the same meaning by everyone towards it is if everyone is under the same spell of meaning.

By designating meaning towards the statue, they are exercising free will and personal choice.

They get offended when other people exercise the same free will and personal choice towards the same object.

“I want to impose the same meaning I hold for the statue on everyone else.”

The problem here is that you’re in a society that has a diverse group of people.

You’re not living in 1822 where it was only your meaning that mattered and everybody else was a slave to your meaning.

So now you must live with other people naturally disagreeing with you because that’s the true reality.

It’s natural for people to disagree about everything. It’s a sign of a healthy society if people are allowed to exercise their free will in designating personal meaning to all objects in existence or deciding not to designate meaning to all objects in existence or some meaning or any variation between both.

The reality is everyone disagrees about their matrix of meanings for all objects, persons, places, and things.

So when society gets emotional over a disagreement it is like little children fighting over a stone’s meaning.

This stone isn’t even a 2001 Space Odyssey intergalactic evolving stone, it’s just a normal stone someone took from its peaceful resting place in a quarry somewhere. Where it wasn’t bothering anyone, and no one was being bothered by it.

They took this stone and carved a semblance of somebody that existed 200 years ago, that no one alive knows anymore and now they’re under the spell that the stone holds the same meaning that they’ve designated onto it for everyone else. And now they are willing to fight and kill for this personal imaginary meaning that the stone holds for them.

In other words, they are now willing to kill and die for a STONE.

So, this stone is the opposite of the 2001 Space Odyssey Stone, because instead of evolving lower life forms into higher life forms, it degenerates them into bestial ape-like lower life delusional creatures.

We can pick up stones on a walk home any time any place (provided that the place has stones readily available). In our own place, on our own free time, we can project whatever psychic meaning we choose to project onto this stone.

Human children do this all the time with their teddies and their blankies. So, if human children can do this, why can’t adults?

Have you tried taking a pet rock home?

Oh, it’s wonderful, you can pretend that the rock is Harrison Ford, or Boba Fett or Ulysses

Grant within your own universe of meaning, without having to intrude on anyone else’s universe of meaning.

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