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There Is No Need for Thank Yous In The Job Market

Why No One Should Thank Anyone for Doing a Job Or

Why No One Should Expect a Thank You for Giving Someone a Job

Reason 1) The employee is already thanking the employer by doing the job

Reason 2) The employer is already thanking the employee by paying them

The Universe at this point is in balance. It is at 0 where it belongs. A thank you is extraneous once the job has been done and payment for the actual job has been enacted.

Once the kissing of anyone’s ass is placed into effect, the Universe accrues a positive ass kissing that must be balanced out by the other party so that the Universe is back at 0 again.

Also, if there is an expectation for an ass kissing, you just placed the universe at -1 and it is out of balance once again. If you lose this expectation the universe will be peacefully back at 0.

If you continue with it, then it stays at -1 until somebody thanks you for the job, and then it is placed at 0 for you, but -1 for them and everyone else. And now you must thank them back so that everyone’s universe is safely back at 0 again.

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