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Reconciling Sufi Truths with Buddhist Truths Primarily and Some Reconciliation with Hinduism & Zen

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

I am the dynamic fluid dancer receiving temporal manifestations from an Infinite and Eternal Source.

The Middle Way - Buddhism

Is =

God, Not God – Sufism

The Middle Way states that the reality is between Absolute Existence and Non – Existence. Sufi’s say that every object in reality is God-Not God…..Not God Properties are properties of Non-Existence. And the God properties are properties of Existence.

Buddha: “O monks, to view things as existent is one extreme, and to view them as nothing is another extreme.”

On Self Development and Self Expression

So far we have reached the understanding that there are two aspects to the cohesive total self. The first aspect is what the Buddhists call emptiness, the pure receiving being. The second aspect is the manifestation of self in reaction to what the pure being is receiving.

The pure being, or pregnant emptiness is the womb out of which the manifested self (in a dynamic interplay with reality) is being manifested. The manifested self out of the pure being of emptiness is what we analyze. So, we forget the other half that is the pure receiving being, the womb, and in emptiness contemplation we return to the source, the womb of this emptiness and in this meditation one can begin to manifest more natural reactions and create a new manifest self. This new manifestation after returning to the source, or the womb, is a new manifested self or rebirth of a new self.

According to Thomas Cleary in "The Ecstasy of Enlightenment" In Buddhism the two greatest meditations are emptiness contemplation and the contemplation of impermanence.

I think that the reason these two meditative contemplations are so great, is because in emptiness contemplation you return to the source as stated previously. And in impermanence contemplation you realize that the manifest self can be analyzed, deconstructed, reformulated, broken down, and manifested in ever fresher and newer more refined natural expressions.

Out of the pure being of emptiness, the manifest self is born and reborn

Ever anew, in constant change and development

Self images that no longer serve the current present reality

Are annihilated, In contemplation of their impermanence

The self that we are constantly manifesting out of the pure being of emptiness serves a purpose

In that self we see all our defects, errors, lack, needs for development, sufferings, desires

We are constantly constructing this self for the purpose of deconstruction

In that deconstruction we are learning about our self

We return to the womb of the pure being, emptiness

To manifest a new self, with the knowledge of the previous deconstructions

This constant construction and deconstruction is essential to human development

Sufi Saint Hallaj's An-Al Haqq Spiritual Statement equivalent in the Flower Ornament Scripture

The Flower Ornament Scripture says, “There is no creator or created; they only arise from habitual conceptions. How can we know it is so? Because other than this, naught is. All things have no abode; no definite locus can be found. The Buddhas abide in this, ultimately unwavering.”

This is a high spiritual station in which the person subjectively feels at one with everything i.e. Duality is shattered. In this state it is felt as if there is no creation or creator since this would imply differentiation. This is the actual reality behind the illusion, since the only truly Existing, is God, everything else derives a dependent secondary illusory existence.

Anything that depends on another source for it’s existence can not be said to be truly existent and subsisting by itself.

The Attribute or Name of God, Ana, or I am, is most likely what is being unveiled to the person, or Buddha.

This is also the attribute of Al-Wahid or The One, being unveiled to the person, or Buddha.

Sufi Saint Hallaj uttered "I AM the Truth" and was killed for doing so.

Why Some People Who End Up Analyzing Consciousness (Mind) Eventually Come To Think That There Is No Creator or That They Are the Creator