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On the Confusion or Duality of Samsara Arising Out of Unified Perfect Wisdom

On the Necessary Duality of Subject & Object

If Everything is One, why is there apparent relative separation between I and the Other objects or subjects?

Subject and Object are necessary for anything to be known.

The Object requires the Subject to be perceived and the Subject requires the Object to perceive.

The relative nature of Samsara is necessary for Subjects to gain in Knowledge.

The duality is created as soon as The Creator created the Creation.

This duality is mirrored on a human level in our consciousness as I and the other objects.

In pondering the Unity or the Holy One or the Ultimate Reality one must not disregard the resultant Duality arising out of that Perfect Unity or Wisdom through Creation as meaningless.

For it is through Duality that we can know anything. This is in accordance with the teaching in the Mahamudra -

“What appears as the Delusion and Confusion of Samsara (Duality) is from Perfect Wisdom”

This is also in accordance with the Hadith Qudsi which I am paraphrasing “I was a hidden treasure, and I desired to be known, so I created the creation.”

The ultimate reality has a desire to be known…..It is only through duality that anything can be known.

Therefore, the Creation was Created so that it could KNOW it’s creator.

The Ultimate Reality has a desire for other Objects to gain in knowledge.

This reality is necessary for the enlightenment of other subjects other than God or the Ultimate Reality which is already at Perfect Wisdom.

Refer to “God = the Unknown Variable X Deduced from the Y of Time” where it is stated that the height of the man can only be known relative to another Object for more information.

The Threefold Process of the Manifestation of a Dualistic Relative Samsara Self

From the Uncreated Eternal Realm of Consciousness through the Pregnant Emptiness Into the World of Samsara.

This is the three-step process in the manifestation of a dualistic self.

The Pregnant Emptiness is the barrier between the Eternal realm of God or Consciousness or the Attributes of God or the Ultimate Reality which is beyond Intellectual Observation and the World of Samsara.

The Pregnant Emptiness is not consciousness, it is the medium through which Consciousness is manifesting. The Pregnant Emptiness is a Necessary barrier since Consciousness or the Ultimate Reality itself is beyond Intellectual observation.

The number three is important here because it is the number that is associated with physical dimensions and manifestation.

The manifestation from God to Man is a three fold process, which is why the trinity came to figures so prominently in the ideas of God becoming Man through Jesus..

It is not that the “I” does not exist. It is that it is in the same relatively existing condition, as all the other objects in Samsara. All objects and subjects exist relatively and know themselves through the dualistic situation of Samsara. No thing could know anything else without duality or even know anything of itself. Like the isolated man who could never know his height. All things are known relatively here through other objects and subjects.

For knowledge to be, there needs to be the Interdependent Duality of Subject and Object. I and the Other.

“5 to 1 baby, 1 in 5, no one here gets out alive.”


Jim Morrison

The orange comes together in the mind as one thing. In the world it’s being perceived through 5 layers of perception.

Jim Morrison – “5 to 1 baby 1 in 5, no one here gets out alive.”

Mind projects meaning and individuality to all apparently existing objects. However, the objects themselves are said to be Non-Existent in the Mahamudra in that the Mind is the one assigning some sort of independent meaning and existence to the objects.

Buddha - “Mind is all there is”

That which derives it's independent meaning from a source outside of itself can not be said to be truly Existent.

All sentient beings have a mind.

So, all minds are assigning some sort of personal individual independent meaning to the objects around them.

On Language Falling Short of 100% Accurate Translation From 1 Mind

Universe to Another

If all I can know is my mind. And no one can know my mind. Every one is really and truly isolated from everyone else. Language does not translate the true reality of my mind. Because language is only conjuring up images in other people’s minds. And those images were chosen by them to associate those words to. The images I chose to associate the words I am using can not be the same images they chose to associate their words. 100% accurate communication is impossible.

Even in communication people are imagining their own images of what you’re trying to convey.

Is the Nature of Mind Ephemeral or Eternal?

The relatively existing individual mind is ephemeral, but it has to have a connection to some sort of eternal consciousness. The reason for this is that humans make objects that have meaning beyond the individual lifetime of the person or the generations of people.

Meanings that can be deciphered outside of the sphere of space -time that the person existed within.

Also, the human being has to be able to piece memories together in a sequence that is being f