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Mapping the Multiverse & A Geometry of Consciousness

Today, I came across some interesting videos which seemed to complement each other in a terrific way. Those two videos comprise the title of the blog and can be found on YouTube. I have also taken the liberty of embedding the videos themselves into the blog for the pleasure of whoever decides to read and watch this.

On Mapping the Multiverse:

I really enjoyed this video which allows one to follow through visuals and words some thought experiments that are based on the Penrose Carter Multiverse Map. I particularly liked the fact that the host of Space Time continuously reminds us that any person attempting to reach these limits of our universe would most likely be destroyed by doing so. Funny and engaging, I highly recommend for anyone who considers these videos a treat for the imagination.

On A Geometry of Consciousness:

I had previously read about 100 pages of Bohm's Wholeness and the Implicate Order but I could not bring myself to finish it. Had I been able to continue without losing interest I would have come across the interesting topic of Consciosness arising out of the Implicate order and also the Explicate order being a sort of holographic extension.

The highlights of the video for me had to do with the way that the Fourier Transform is explained as a key formula for understanding the relationship between the Implicate and Explicate orders of the universe.

The application of the Fourier Transform in music creation and output [what is described here as taking sound from the Explicate (SPACETIME/Explicate) and dividing it into 16 sound frequencies (Frequencies/Implicate) and then re-emitting it back into the Explicate order from speakers] is a brilliant metaphor for how the Implicate and Explicate orders interact.

The alchemical representation of the Ourobouros also constitutes a great imaginal depiction of how the universe is connected, from the microcosm and back to the macrocosm.

Copyright 2020 by Jimmy Eleazar Vargas de Sanchez. All rights reserved.

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