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I Am a Worm (Divine Punishment)

Now that I can imagine richer ways of being.

Being a human feels like a disappointment.

I can imagine myself transforming into an Eagle that soars through the skies, then transforming Into an aquatic animal that can swim to the depths of the Oceans. Then into an animal that lives in fire. Then an animal that can live on an asteroid floating through the vast chasms of space. Then into a being of light that can travel at incredible speeds through the universe. Then a being that can travel through different worlds and universes. A being with eternal life, forever young, no pain, my body in a constant orgasm of Ecstasy. Able to indulge in sensuous delights un heard of. Compared to this Imaginary being, I feel like a worm stuck to the earth.

This is what I mean by feeling like a worm.

If the Adam and Eve story didn’t exist I think we would have reached the same conclusion. Namely that we were sent here as some form of divine punishment.

It feels like torture to imagine these richer ways of being and yet be fated to be stuck for X amount of years as this organism that flops around until it dies.

Copyright Jimmy Eleazar Vargas De Sanchez

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