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Blog 1 is really Blog 17

Disclaimer to Blog SEVENTEEN

As stated previously (in less numerical detail) this first blog is really the 17thblog.

The initiation of this project began with writing down a film idea which then turned into a book idea which then turned into an idea of a book within which were the ideas for other books. This idea then turned into a biting critique at myself for never releasing one great work, which then turned into about 50 pages of philosophizing on my thought processes in order to come to a better understanding of the person I am and why I think the way I do. A sort of meta self-analytical exercise in therapeutic writing. I wrote about everything that came to my fingertips. Then that idea turned into 17 blogs, of which this is the 17th one.

I finally decided that I would keep everything I had written previously to myself and just release blogs that deal with those subjects that inspire me creatively and that will hopefully cause a spark of inspiration in others.

Most of what the previous blogs represented were writing exercises to try and understand my process of thought and all these feelings and philosophies and ideas that course through my head all day and night. Before that, as some of you might know, I wrote songs with my brother and other friends. I also shot some videos showcasing some of my poetry with friends as well. I have scattered works here and there, songs on SoundCloud, poems on Booksie and Poetizer, and notebooks filled with other ideas for books and what not.

Diesi Siete

What I want to do with this first blog (which is really the 17th) is showcase some interesting videos that I recently had the pleasure of witnessing on YouTube. They are intensely entertaining, and I found to be quite beautiful and meaningful. The first of those videos is Max Cooper’s Resynthesis which shows what music and film have the power of conveying.

The next video that I would like to include here because I feel it deserves attention and discussion is another Max Cooper video called “Order From Chaos”.

The third and 4th videos are also animation videos that merge animation and music ala Fantasia by Disney (which is a childhood favorite of mine). I think that there are yet many masterpieces of art and music that have yet to be made in the fashion of these films. I especially love the surreal quality of these animation videos and the way that they meld together with brilliant colors and darkness to convey a deeper message which is entirely subjective and open to personal interpretation within certain of the artist’s message parameters.

The third video is by Blockhead and it’s called the Music Scene;

The fourth video is by Filmbilder and it is called Love & Theft;

So to end this blog, I would just like to say that the reason for my creating it, is in order to reach out to people who have the same interests and start a discussion on the power and potential that these projects have in expanding the way that we as humans view reality. I also feel that these projects and artists deserve more promotion and so I am doing my part to show my appreciation.

Copyright 2020 by Jimmy Eleazar Vargas de Sanchez. All rights reserved.

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